When will I receive my order?

Please contact Universal Casket at 1-269-476-2163 for all order inquiries.

  • Why purchase a casket

    Why purchase casket online?

    While there are many reasons people are choosing to purchase caskets online, a significant one is that it is your right to do so. The Federal Trade Commission published a rule years ago that is specific to funerals.

    It says that funeral homes MUST accept a casket that was purchased elsewhere, and they are not allowed to charge you fee for doing so.

    Tens of thousands of our customers have found that working with Universal saves you considerable time and money. We also have decades of experience that we rely on to make sure you get everything you need quickly and correctly. So whether you value the savings or the convenience, we are here to help.

  • Why Universal Casket
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    Why Universal Casket Company?

    Universal's prices are 15-50% lower than average prices in funeral home. Our family believes that no one should overpay for a casket. Buying from Universal is a more comfortable experience. We remove the pressure, the salesmen, and having to walk around a funeral home

    We offer a curated collection of casket styles. Funeral homes want to bombard you with choices so that you make a more expensive purchase. Universal gives you the best choices and doesn't worry about the rest.

  • Secure &
    Fast Delivery

    secure and fast delivery

    Universal Casket has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. We will make sure that casket arrives at the correct destination at the right time. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we commit to your family that we will make it right.

    An important thing to note: The Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule guarantees that a funeral home may not refuse or charge a fee for using a casket you purchased elsewhere, including a casket you have bought online. If you decide to purchase a casket from Universal, it will be shipped directly to the funeral home.

  • Guarantee


    Our caskets are guaranteed to arrive at the funeral home of your choice on time, even if that means tomorrow. We understand what is at stake when you purchase from Universal. Our mission is to help your family throughout this difficult time.

    Are you worried that the casket will arrive damaged? Universal Casket is a family-owned company. Four generations of care and knowledge go into not just our product, but how we treat our customers. Each casket is inspected 5 times before it is delivered. Universal stands behind its products and the families that we serve. In case of any additional questions please consult our F.A.Q. section or contact us!