How to Decide Which Casket to Choose

August 31, 2018 casket, funeral, funeral arrangements

Losing a loved one is a very personal and definitive moment in your life. While many people are prepared for the emotional weight of the event, they are not aware of the practical details attached with planning a funeral. And, while there is a long list of tasks to be attended to, one of the most personal, and often one of the most difficult, is choosing a casket. For many people the casket is the visible symbol of the funeral in addition to being the final resting place of their...

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How to Choose Funeral Music – Be True to the Deceased

August 31, 2018 funeral, funeral arrangements, funeral music, funeral planning

funeral music
Dating back thousands of years, music has long since been a part of funeral services.  Music is closely tied to ceremonies and important events in all of human culture. The Romans used to hire musicians to accompany undertakers; music was used to care for the souls of the dead for the ancient Balinese, and Australians indigenous people would send messages to their dead loved one through music. In West Africa there has been a llong-standingburial tradition of rejoicing at death through music. This tradition was witnessed in 1819 at a...

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How to Make Funeral Arrangements

August 29, 2018 funeral arrangements, funeral planning

funeral arrangements
The death of a loved one can be a very stressful and confusing time for many people. Not only is death a highly emotional experience, but it also requires specific actions and arrangements to take place during a short amount of time. Understanding the process can be difficult at best, especially while those close to the deceased are grieving. In an effort to help you make sense of the Funeral Arrangement process, we have compiled all of the key information you will need into a single article. By following these...

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