Saying Thank You

August 31, 2018 funeral, funeral customs

Words can be hard to come by when you are searching for the right ones.  How exactly do you tell the people that have surrounded you through this tough time in your life, thank you? Well, you do just that.  Sending a thank you note after a funeral may feel awkward, however expressing gratitude and acknowledging that you have cared for shows great maturity and appreciation. Whom to Thank: You don’t need to thank everyone that attended the funeral or visitation.  The people that you want to acknowledge with a...

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How to Choose Funeral Music – Be True to the Deceased

August 31, 2018 funeral, funeral arrangements, funeral music, funeral planning

funeral music
Dating back thousands of years, music has long since been a part of funeral services.  Music is closely tied to ceremonies and important events in all of human culture. The Romans used to hire musicians to accompany undertakers; music was used to care for the souls of the dead for the ancient Balinese, and Australians indigenous people would send messages to their dead loved one through music. In West Africa there has been a llong-standingburial tradition of rejoicing at death through music. This tradition was witnessed in 1819 at a...

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5 Questions to Eliminate the Stress of Sending Funeral Flowers

August 31, 2018 funeral, funeral customs, funeral flowers

funeral flowers
Flowers have been a funeral tradition for centuries.  While their meanings over the years may have evolved, currently flowers are a way to provide love and support to the families, as well as honor the deceased.  They help to create a peaceful atmosphere for a very somber occasion. Their beauty and fragrance can provide a feeling of warmth and consolation in the background of the service. Selecting the appropriate flowers to send to a funeral can feel like a daunting task, yet it does not have to be!  There are...

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What to Say and Do at a Funeral

August 27, 2018

A funeral can be an unexpected and emotionally charged event. In many cases, we attend to show our support and respect for both the family and the deceased. However, even when we have the absolute best of intentions, it can be difficult and sometimes awkward to know what we should and should not do or say during the event. For most people the goal is to offer help, even if in a small way, and never to make things any harder for those who are grieving the loss of their...

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